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Inclined Platform lift SPZ15










Narrow profile 2O8 mm
Dimensions of the platform 1000 x 750 mm (norm for the public), 900 x 700 (norm for the privat),
Next dimensions of platform: 850 x 700 , 750 x 1000, 1000 x 800 mm
Max load capacity:  250kg
Power: 1 KW
Speed: up to 9 m/min
Folding the floor:  electric power
Accessories : Folding seat, Remote control

Conversion of the platform:

interior, PU silver / exterier PU silver / exterier near by Ocean


WHY SPZ 15? 

  • Narrow profile - the most compact size on the market. 208 mm wide from wall to the end of closed platform. Fits small staircase and needs less space.   
  • Both handed - no exchanging sides. 
  • Simple and fast installation of the rail. 
  • Arms folding down - no need for extra space, can be installed to lower ceilings and smaller rooms. 
  • Rails and safety arms made from stainless steel - no corrosion.
  • Upper tube of the rail is smooth - useable as a handrail. 
  • Electronic control unit - enables to choose from user languages, shows the actual state of the platform - travel direction, battery level, alerts, excessive load etc. 
  • Potential for new functions as internet connection, bluetooth and GSM basis. Perpendicular landing. Attractive and modern design.

Basic components of the lift

supporting frame, front cover, back cover, motorized platform, safety arms, charger, guide rail, remote controls, floor controls

Safety parts

motor engine parachute break, sensitive safety ramps, safety edges on the sides of the platform, sensitive bottom of the platform, 24V DC in the platform - safe voltage, end position switches, emergancy limit switch, acustic and visual signalisation during the run, self-locking gear, safety arms, emergency STOP button

Safety arms

non self-locking - free manipulation with no damage risk

Drive unit

  • rack and pinion system with parachute break
  • motor with engine power 1 kW
  • powered by the batteries 2 x 7,2 Ah, 24V DC (possibility 4-8 pcs)
  • battery charger (for external use)
  • speed: 6-9m /min, possible to adjust when needed
  • load capacity: 250kg (one person on the wheelchair or seated on the foldable seat),
  • noise: under 60db



The price includes:

  • platform,
  • rail of 4 m length, (the rails usually consist of 2 metres OR 3 metres segments that you can combine for needed length),
  • remote controls and accessories for wall attachment. Plus manuals for using, installation and service.
  • You can also order folding seat or/and independent legs for mounting into the staircase for extra charge.

The price can get lower with more ordered pieces.

As to terms of payment, we prefer full payment as deposit in advance.


Our platform lift fulfill the conditions of Declaration of Conformity according to norm EN 81-40:2008. EC type certificate is TUV SUD.  


  • The price can get lower with more ordered pieces.
  • As to terms of payment, we preffer full payment as deposit in advance.
  • The platform comes with standard 2 years of waranty for the product and parts, not installation as it is in your hands.
  • Naturally, we can provide or help with the first installation and with a proper training if needed as well.
  • The installation itself is quite easy. 
  • On the pictures of rails, where you can see that it is already connected and you just need to adjust the proper inclination + or -50°.



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